Fight the Demon of Lust

This page contains information, resources, and a blog for Orthodox men in the battle for purification, the first critical step in the spiritual life.

In the Trenches

Among my specialties as a counselor is sex addiction recovery.

This is a critical yet rare clinical specialty in our day. My training included a one-year internship at a clinic specializing in sex addiction. I trained under a highly-credentialed and experienced supervisor and took advanced education from two well-known institutes leading the way in sex addiction recovery.

These days, I often find myself informally helping men in the Orthodox Church (usually local men) as an accountability partner or semi-mentor as a brother in Christ.

There are developments where I may be joining a (non-professional counseling) grass-roots movement in the Church to help even more men with their accountability and mentorship nationwide. We will see what efforts God may bless.

Either way, I am developing avenues to forge the recovery training I received into a more uniquely-Orthodox approach for use in non-clinical and pastoral scenarios.

I developed this simple page for my website as a deposit for resources and communication for men in the trenches fighting the demon of lust.

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If you wish to be free of the prelest of the enemy and to overcome him, take up at once this trusty weapon against him and obey immediately in actual deed the good thoughts and promptings coming from the Lord and calling you to repent.


St. Theophan the Recluse, Unseen Warfare, St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, p. 162.

Helpful resources

I used the book and workbooks displayed below by Patrick Carnes with success in counseling back in my private practice days. Carnes was an early leader in sex addiction recovery counseling. The addiction science, psychology, and interventions in these books, in general terms, are not opposed to an Orthodox Christian worldview or way of life. They may be a handmaid to the primary work of spiritual discipline and faithfulness to Christ in the Church. As with any resource, however, wisdom and discernment is required if one decides to use them in consultation with one’s priest or spiritual father.

Scroll through the slider to see all three resources.

A Helpful Workbook

Facing the Shadow [3rd Edition]: Starting Sexual and Relationship Recovery 2015 by Patrick Carnes

Companion Workbook from a Christian perspective

Shadows of the Cross: A Christian Companion to Facing the Shadow Paperback 2015 by Craig Cashwell, Pennie Johnson, Patrick Carnes

Informative Classic on Sex Addiction

Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction Paperback 2001 by Patrick J. Carnes Ph.D. (paperback or audiobook)

In the Trenches – Sex Addiction Blog

Learn about one of today’s most prevalent addictions among men and growing among women. This blog originated when I was in private practice. I am revising my articles and developing new ones to refelect the teaching tradition of the Orthodox Church. Come back often to check the progress! Contact me with questions and sign up for updates.

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